Tips for a healthy summer

Summer is in full force, and i don’t know about you guys but keeping healthy around all my family which thinks I’m a little crazy with all my nuts and seeds is getting a little hard!  However i did think of a few quick tips that could help you a bit to stay connected to your healthy self:


  1. To make a smoothie, at least twice a week... If you can't make it... Buy it! But be careful make sure there is no sugar added in any of it... And get them to put in some veggies... Kale, Spinach, healthy fats.. avocado, coconut milk... All good!
  2. Eat more fruits and veggies... You are sweating a lot, and your body needs the extra water plus its a good way too keep away from the junk, whether home or outside, make sure half of your meal is made out of veggies!
  3. Drink water...! Let go of the iced tea and iced coffee and other drinks... Water is the way to go! Not to mention that caffeinated drinks dehydrate you and make your metabolism go faster... Therefore make you hungrier!  if sometimes you are looking for flavor, add some mint and cucumber to your water, or some raspberries… lemon and orange wedges, all a great way to add a little flavor to your body without taking away the water factor
  4. Make sure you get at least one or two HEALTHY MEALS Each  DAY!   its hard to go out with family and always eat healthy, especially if what is healthy is mostly a salad… lets be honest most salads out there in restaurants are not that great… so take your time and have one good meal a day, plan it out so you are not there last minute figuring it out… buy the veggies for the house, make some whole grains, add olive oil lemon and salt and have a great great veggie filled meal!
  5. Make these changes today and see how different your summer outlook will be, from the inside out!


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Sharon from Power Me Healthy!