When I need a little peace of mind, and feel the need to create and relax, I often go to the kitchen.  Not always before dinner when it's rush hour...  usually around 10:00pm when the kids are asleep, no one is around to ask questions and I can sit and try recipes out and make some experiments!  Some of them (many of them) turn out a little like witches' potions, some turn out really good, so good in fact that most people tell me, why don's you sell these!

All my recipes are simple, have to be! I definitely don't have patience to stand for hours to cook a meal that will be eaten in 20 minutes....  Some of them are obvious to some, new to others.  Some are old recipes that have been in my house for ages... ever since I was a little girl, others are new ones from friends or cookbooks and I try them and change them, to my family's flavors and to what is available in Shanghai without having to go search in ten different stores for three days (those of you that live here know exactly what i am talking about! )

One thing is for sure, if they are not delicious AND easy, they won't be here!  Enjoy!