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Join me in a one on one or group coaching course for a new journey of feeling empowered and changing your lifestyle for the better.





Tuesday, February 21st - 12pm - 2pm

Those of you who come to my classes know that I like to make quick easy meals. We love soups they are easy and full of nutrients and fibres. But these soups are so delicious no one in the family will ever know!



Tuesday February 28th – 12pm - 2pm

Superfood of all superfood this is the one that we all want all the time but why?What is in it that makes it so important? Come learn how to use this incredible veggie to make it good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for snacks!



Tuesday March 7th - 12pm - 2pm

To many of us orderig pizza in might seem like the slightly healthier option, but nothing could be further from the truth!  

Most pizza has:

Modified food starch; Flavours; Added Gluten; Maltodextrin; Hydrogenized soy Protein; Modified corn starch; Seasoning with Disodium Inosinate; Guanylate; Monosodium Glutamate; Autolyzed yeast and many many more ingredients we have no clue what they are! 

Home made pizza is easy fast and actually, in moderation, it can be good for you! might have gluten and white flour, but everything else is clean food!



Tuesday March 14th - 12pm - 2pm

Breakfast is the most iportant meal of the day, but boy is it hard to get a handle on it! who has the time to prepare a healthy nutritious breakfast that is quick and easy! At powermehealthy we teach quick easy ways to make sure that our family not only gets a nutritious breakfast, but gets a delicious one too!