This is an awesome recipe, in Italy we eat it a lot! We eat it hot in the winter, and room temperature in the spring and summer!

The beans make it a complete meal with all the protein! If you want to put in different kind of beans please do so, it’s totally up to you, if you don’t like one kind use another one! Peas are also a great addition here!

The best thing about this is that its an awesome way to make your children’s lunch box the next day! Just heat it up and then and send it! a good thing is to add hot rice or pasta to it (but make sure you place enough liquid in it, so it doesn’t get dry!


I don’t have to much to say about this recipe, it seems hard because there are so many ingredients, but actually…. easy peasy, just a little chopping!


3 tbsp EVOO 

1 garlic clove

1/2 Onion

300g Zucchini

200g Carrots

3 stalks Celery

150g Potato

50g Borlotti beans (soaked overnight or use the canned ones if it makes your life easier)

1 Tomato

150g Swiss Chard

1 Tbsp canned tomato

Italian Arborio rice 100gr (this is optional, you can also put some pasta or add white rice later)

Salt and pepper to taste


Fresh basil leaves if you have some

a little more olive oil for the sauce

Parmigiano cheese (grated)


Soak Beans over night for 12 hours

Peel and cut all vegetables into cubes except the swiss chard

Start with heating the oil, add the garlic.

When the aroma of the garlic comes out, remove the garlic

Add the onion and cook until transparent

Then slowly add zucchini, carrot, celery, Potato (all chopped up in squares), then the beans

Add the tomato and the and salt, mix well  and add water (not too much water, just enough to cover the veggies and a little more)

Cover and let it cook for 40 minutes

After 40 minutes check the beans, if they are almost ready add the rice and the swiss chard if not wait a bit

Add a few leaves of fresh basil (don’t use dry)

Let cook for another 20 minutes (if it is too dense add a little water)

Once the rice is ready you are done

Serve in individual bowls with a nice spoonful of grated parmigiano cheese

OH! one more things, I have one child that likes the chunks and the other two, that like it blended, so i do both, i blend some and keep some! Thats also why sometimes I don’t put the rice to cook inside and i make it on the side… then I add it after I blended it!