This one right here is probably the fastest easiest way to prepare lunch, dinner or your kids lunch box! I grew up on this! My mother used to make it for us all the time and it became a comfort food!


This pasta is not only great in flavor, the kids love it’s simplicity, but also great for a picnic and or a potluck. It can be made in advance, so you dont have to worry about bringing it or serving it hot!

ok, I’m not a big fan of long explanations of recipes, in fact it drives me crazy to scroll forever to get to the “dunque” (matter at hand) as we say in italian.

Check out the recipe…


500 gr cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

20 olives (optional) (cut in half)

garlic (optional)

3-4 tbsp EVOO

basil leaves (to taste)

Penne, fusilli or bow ties (gluten free pasta works just as well here if you can find it!)

Fresh mozzarella, capers, even canned tuna and black pepper (all optional)



Boil water

When water is boiling add the salt

Put your pasta inside and cook (make sure you read the box and see how long to cook it for, the last thing you want is an overcooked pasta) Pasta al dente not only tastes better, but it is harder to digest, making it healthier for you because it takes longer to enter your bloodstream and nourish you!

Meanwhile wash and cut cherry tomatoes in four

Place in a big bowl and add olive oil, basil and salt (here is where you add the optionals to taste if you think its too plain)

Taste it and see if you like it and if anything is missing!

When pasta is cooked drain and put in bowl with tomatoes.


Serve, does not have to be hot can be served at room temp!