• Zurita (map)
  • Wu Lu Mu Qi Bei Lu
  • Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
  • China

I was invited by Zurita to do a talk about healthy eating!

As you probably figured out by now, that gets me very excited.... nothing better then getting the word out about making the right choices!  

Zurita is in puxi, a very nice women's boutique!  They "encourage smart sustainable consumption where high quality and versatile clothing leads to an enduring choice for your wardrobe!"

I met Monica a few months ago and what a pleasure that was, she invited me to her Shop and I love the decor and her clothing is very attractive... She is a very open friendly mom of a sweet little girl!  Been in China for a while now, and from what i understands she likes it here! She is very very dedicated to her collection and her work!  I always admire women that work hard and love what they do!  I felt very comfortable with her and in her shop!

Anyway at the end of our talk we thought it would be nice to join forces and do a talk there! So if you guys are interested in something new and versatile in shanghai where foreigners can go shop too.. I suggest you pop in on tuesday! it will be interesting and educational! its always good to learn more about nutrition... what are we doing right and what are we doing wrong, and why not do it in a place where you can shop a little when you are done!