We have indulged and re-indulged, and although it might seem like its good for the soul, it is now time to clean up all those toxins from our body and start fresh!

With just enough time to clear up our schedule, Sharon from PoweMeHealthy is starting her yearly.

Come learn how to prepare dishes, how to clean your system all while eating a healthy balanced diet!

New Year resolutions are useless if you dont act up on them, Make this year different than all the other ones, start with the right foot!

This 10-day detox will:

  • Reboot your body and your mind
  • Relieve stress
  • Mental clarity will be enhanced
  • Get yourself going to start a new season feeling completely different
  • Clear your digestive track of old waste and toxins
  • Your blood will be purified, oxygenated and cleansed
  • Break addictions to sugar, alcohol and caffeine
  • Break bad eating habits with healthy ones
  • Renewed youth… and incredible energy boost you will always want to keep!

Before you even start to give up and succumb to the post summer slump and eat everything in our sight, this detox will put you back on track.

One thing that I am more convinced now than anything is that food can either be your medicine or your poison!

My detox is not a fast, there is no pill, it is not a juice fast and definitely no weird herbal drinks!

We are going all natural!  However there is no starving in this detox; your body and mind will be satisfied daily! There is no feeling like there is not enough food!

The beauty of this Detox is that we are doing it together!  Come with friends or make new ones! Together we will all be there so support each other through it!  It is the one sure way to grantee that you will not only do it but also succeed at it! 

If you are fed up of feeling bad about yourself, emotionally, physically, and want things to change. I want to help you!


  • Informational package
  • Recipe book with enough recipes to keep you going for the full 10 days and more
  • A menu plan
  • Grocery list to help you stock up
  • Tips to reverse negative self talk
  • Continuous Online support
  • A wechat/online group where you can keep in touch with each other and motivate each other to keep going!


1st meeting intro with explanation - Thursday February 16th, 12 - 2pm: 

  • Explain how the detox works, what will the detox do for you!
  • The ins and out of what we have to do
  • Morning rituals
  • Get to know each other
  • Small cooking class on Smoothies!


Detox starts Monday the 20th:  once we have all the ingredients and we are ready to go… mentally and physically.

2nd meeting cooking class - Thursday February 23rd, 12 - 2pm: 

  • Meet 3 days after the detox starts
  • Cooking class (here i have a small cooking class to show you how easy it is to prepare some of the incredible nutritious foods that will keep you going for the next week)
  • How are you feeling?
  • Are you succeeding?
  • Do you need more support… come and lets see how we are all getting on

3rd meeting conclusion & questions -Thursday March 2nd, 12 - 2pm:

  • End of detox… we did it!!!
  • Now its time to celebrate! What was your best moment… how did it go… lets share!
  • What do we do now? Here we sit together and talk about our next step? How can we keep going on a healthy energizing journey?  My personal advice on how to maintain your great health after the PMH detox.

Detox price - ¥1200

Early-bird before February 10 - ¥950

Bring a friend and get ¥100 off!