Hi everyone and happy new year!!!!

i just got back from our fabulous Holiday in Thailand… This is not the first time that I went, yet every time that I go I am reminded that there really is no place like it in the world!

The vegetation, the smells, the people and the food…. OH MY GOD I LOVE Thai food… the green papaya salad, the pomelo salad, the yummy green curry!!!! mmmmmmmmm

Back home I’m always trying to maintain a healthy diet… low sugar, healthy carbs, protein, good fats but no matter what I do, when you’re stuck having to eat out every day you can never be sure of the ingredients in your food, even if it’s just a salad.

The fact is that today most of the foods that are served in restaurants have added sugar and flavours and we don't even know exactly what we are eating at all, so, by the time I get back home…. I NEED a sugar detox!  

NO I do not mean that I put myself on one of those crazy diets where all I eat are vegetables and drink juices… I just need to organize myself so that I eat clean and healthy and skipping out on the junk food… since all that weird stuff in my food makes me want to eat more junk!  

In order to succeed in this I have prepared my fridge and pantry full of healthy, yummy snacks that keep me satisfied without giving me the crazy craving I would otherwise get…

First and important step: go to the veggie market and get as many healthy veggies as possible!

Second step, off to the fruit shop to fill the fruit bowl

Then I start with my snacks..

Trail mix

Nuts, seeds, coconut slithers, raisins, raisins, and other dried fruit I like… (make sure there is no sugar added in the dried fruit) I mix it all up in a bowl, place it in a jar and voila!  A perfect snack to have when I am really desperate for something!


A simple one that works for me every time is a good madjoul date with a walnut or two stuck inside it.

And last but not least… a serious favourite in our house…. Ferrero Roche energy ball! If you like Nutella, I highly suggest this one!

These are a few ways to get back into a healthy lifestyle without having to deprive yourself!


ps.  let me know if you have tried any of these and which one is your favourite! I f you have other ideas to add to these let me know!