It all started about 4 months ago! I went to Hong Kong and picked up this book "I Quit sugar!" i started reading it, now you should know that I am a sugar addict, I didn't use to be, but with my pregnancies, sweets was my food of choice! I started reading, and as time passed i started getting into it, and within 2 weeks... i was truly of sugar... except for fruit... (lets not exaggerate!!!)  

And that is how my Journey began! I slowly started to loose weight, and i was feeling amazing too... and most important my Hypothyroidism was getting better!!!! 

People read about these things but no one ever believes it... i know.... so i changed my diet, got interested in helping to heal the body through food... and I am now enrolled in and online course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition!  Hoping to learn more and more as time goes by, and starting to feel pretty confident that all those special dinners and all that cooking i did was not for nothing, because it finally brought me to my right path!  

I am on a journey to really learn what to do to get into better shape! Not only for me but for all people that are interested to having a healthier happier family with less modd swings and a better healthier energy!  It takes time... But it really works!


Your Shanghai Sista