Yes, when you eat... stop and live in the moment... 

It is thought by society that we have to eat fast, finish, hurry up we have to go!
Power lunch… eat fast so you can go back to work..
I don’t need to sit down and eat, ill get a sandwich on the go…!
There is food everywhere, we pick it up at all times, there is fast food, we eat in the car, on the way, standing up…..
All these at some point seem like such good ideas “If I eat standing up I am actually loosing weight while I eat!” I used to wonder that all the time! 
But actually I am starting to realize what really happens when we eat on the go, in front of the computer, watching TV

You don’t really know what you have put in your mouth! 
You don’t know what it was,
You don’t know if it was good
And you definitely don’t think it was enough!

Why, because you didn’t even see it, or feel it… oh don’t worry, your body received it, but it happened too fast for your brain to… and so the brain is saying… I didn’t eat that much today…. I can get some more food… and you go and with that excuse you get the salad, or chips or nuts or banana… whatever it is…

Here is the truth…
Probably while your brain was paying attention to whatever you were doing… you ate way over what your capacity realy is… but your hand was doing all the work stuffing your face, your mouth was hardly chewing because you have to hurry to go do the next thing, your brain was thinking about the next thing
And no one really actually knows exactly what they ate when in how long and how much!

Next time you eat…
Prepare your plate….
Look at it…
Make sure it is full of all the nutrients you need… not only for your taste buds but also for your body… 
Sit down…

Breathhhhhhhh…… take it in slowly…. Look at it again and give thanks for what you are about to eat… it doesn’t have to be to G-d or any other devine intervention…. It can be to your mom, for preparing it, the farmer for growing it….
And then take your first bite, chew, chew, chew, chew….
Take it in slowly…. Pay attention to the textures, the flavor and the smells and keep chewing, the longer you chew the better it will be digested and the more will your brain realize what and how you are eating!

Take your time
Take that half an hour… yes even if you are alone
Take advantage of it… and eat slowly…
You will be amazed what it will do to your body
To how much you eat
To how you will digest…

Then breath…. relax and enjoy… its probably been 10 years since it has taken you this long to finish a meal!

Your Shanghai Sista