By now most of us that leave Shanghai and are off for the summer, whether home or in other countries, are most likely in areas where they can go to supermarkets, kitchen stores or even order online all the things that are missing back “home"

Those of you that have taken my classes know that there is nothing, NOTHING that makes life easier when it comes to cooking than gadgets!  I know many of you think that it is space consuming and that you will “never use it” but the truth is that you will never make many dishes if you don’t have the gadget to make your life easier...


1. One great gadget i love is my olive/ cherry pitter

(image of this …

It’s easy, its not that cumbersome, and its great for when you make fish/ chicken with olives, or want to pit the cherries for the kids… fast. easy great!!!! I personally bought this one above, i am not making advertising for them, i just like it, so i highly suggest it!

2. Another thing that you should look into is a mandolin… my kids go crazy for chips, and this is the easiest fastest way to make the kids chips that are not in the bag! (we make home made chips all the time, for the recipe… click here)  it is also a great thing to use when you make salads to cut the vegetables in different ways!!! 

These are a few good ones, again, please do your research before you buy one, just because it is good for me, does not mean that it is what you need!

Please insert image of this

3. The third and last gadget i absolutely love and i can get only abroad is this lemon squeezer… i know what you are going to say…. its all OXO! its not always the case, but i do love their stuff and find them to be pretty international, so if you can get some OXO gadgets… go look around and see what you like… i love this squeezer, again those of you that have come to my classes know why… its double sided, very efficient and easy to clean… try it and let me know what you think!

Ok there are loads and loads of other gadgets out there, so go out there and check it out.  meanwhile, tell me what is your favorite gadget and why?

PS. I was not payed by OXO to promote these products, i truly believe that if something is well made as their products are, they should be promoted!